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Customer Benefits


Galaxy proudly owns the largest lithium carbonate production facility in the Asia Pacific region and one of the best low cost lithium and potash brine projects in South America.
Galaxy is progressing towards becoming a leader in the rapidly growing lithium industry. Customers of Galaxy can be confident that the lithium product they receive is high grade, high quality material delivered through optimal customer service. Contact our Shanghai Sales and Marketing Office at sales@galaxylithium.com for more information.

Galaxy’s Customer Commitment

Priority Customer
Ask our Sales and Marketing team how to become a priority customer for additional value benefits.

Quality Consistency
Galaxy adopts a highly automated, continuous and computer controlled process plant to ensure consistency of product quality.

Product Reliability
By controlling the quality of feed material and processing in the largest battery grade lithium carbonate plant in China, Galaxy guarantees reliable supply of its products.

State-of-the-art automated packaging system ensures clean deliveries with no damage or losses.

Product Analysis
Each pallet is analysed individually resulting in accurate batch formulations.

Guaranteed Quality
Galaxy guarantees customers the highest quality product, if the product delivered is proven to be 'out of spec', Galaxy will promptly deliver a replacement, free of charge.

Expansive Distribution Network

Galaxy's distribution network incorporates centres at Tianjin in the north, Changsha in the south and Zhangjiagang to service the central region of China.

Product Tracking System
Technical analysis of every batch supplied is accessible on Galaxy's website at any time though a secure user name and password.

Free Testing Service
As part of Galaxy's commitment to customer service, customers have the option to submit unmarked product samples for re-testing and comparisons with the original results provided. Since the samples remain unknown to Galaxy, this process functions as a blind test.

Monthly Analytical Reports
By utilising well known statistical process control methods, Galaxy can provide quality performance records on a monthly basis.

Full Prompt Technical Service
A team of highly qualified technical personnel is available to respond to any of your queries.